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In addition to assisting you with repairing any damage caused, replacing locks and repairing security systems, we are happy to offer our expert advice on how to prevent any burglaries and break-ins. Any additional locks on doors/windows & deadlocks are just some of the measures we might suggest to add additional security and protection to your home. Rest assured that our expertly trained locksmiths specialise in advising you of the precautions to take to make your home less likely to be victims of a crime in the future. Potts Locksmiths have local experts that live and work in your area 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This means we can be with you quickly and keep our prices competitive.

Stop intruders in their tracks by installing burglary deterrents to the outside of your home. Good quality locks on your doors and windows are always the best way to protect yourself from the threat of intruders, but adding motion sensor security lights, grilles and alarm systems can all help to prevent a burglary before it happens.

If an unwanted visitor can see burglary deterrents on your property, they'll be discouraged from trying to gain access to your home. Here at Potts Locksmiths our expert technicians are able to offer you free advice and fit the latest high quality locks to comply with insurance requirements to all your existing doors and windows a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Here are some other useful tips..
  • Fitting a self timer that switches your lights on and off.
  • Remove ALL keys from doors and place them out of sight.
  • Fitting window locks
  • Fitting the best deadlock you can afford to all external doors where applicable
  • Lock all sheds securely and hide any ladders - don't make life easy for any burglars
  • Remove car keys from sight, your house contents may not be the only thing burglars look to steal
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Potts Locksmiths pride themselves on excellent practical skills; good communication and customer skills with a patient approach with the ability of paying attention to detail. We can provide an extensive range of key cutting for numerous types of keys. We welcome warrant and bailiff work too.

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