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Potts Locksmiths in Darlington have the ability to cut keys on site. We have a state of the art cutting machine in our vans allowing us to cut your key for you, while you wait at your home or work. We also stock most keys for commercial and domestic buildings so if your need keys for your house or business I can cut them and you can test they work - This will give you a correctly cut key guaranteed!

Keys which are not cut correctly can cause the lock to ware and in time make the lock unusable so all our keys are tested by us, your local locksmith, to make sure the key is perfect for the lock its cut for. Faulty keys and WD40 are the biggest causes of locks to fail. So if you would like your lock lubricating we can do this for you using the products that are designed to do so. Potts locksmiths Darlington are a local company so if you would like some advice give us a call today.

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Potts Locksmiths pride themselves on excellent practical skills; good communication and customer skills with a patient approach with the ability of paying attention to detail. We can provide an extensive range of key cutting for numerous types of keys. We welcome warrant and bailiff work too.

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